Williams Sworn In As Director Of SDG And Promises ‘No Town Left Behind’ Approach

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It was a momentous inauguration on Friday when the new director of SDG, Carma Williams, officially took her seat at the head of the board. She is SDG’s second female director in her 171 years of governance, the first being the former deputy mayor of North Dundas, Estella Rose, who held the title in 2008.

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“For me, this is an auspicious occasion… I do not lose sight of the fact that it is a privilege to occupy this seat. However, there is still work to be done. We don’t yet have gender parity in federal, provincial or municipal governments… but we’re getting there, and I’m a proud example of that progress, ”said Williams.

In her first speech as Reeve, Williams, who is the deputy mayor of North Glengarry, thanked her family and supporters throughout her political career. She then described three guiding principles under which she will operate, with corresponding priorities.

SDG Clerk Kimberley Casselman, left, listens to new SDG manager Carma Williams swear in her post on Friday, December 17. Document / Cornwall Standard-Freeholder / Postmedia Network Provided

The first principle she emphasized was to approach issues with a “no municipality is left behind” mindset. A key priority within this principal includes maintaining strong rural schools.

“In early February, SDG will host a Rural Education Symposium to raise awareness among the general public and bring rural municipalities to the table,” she said. “I look forward to taking a bold step forward by bringing the Rural Education Strategy to Queen’s Park and advocating for action.

The second of its principles included SDG’s environmental legacy, in which it stressed the priority of carrying out a regional study on waste management.

“In a world where climate change is a priority, environmental stewardship has become a priority. In this context, waste management is one of the most important and complex issues facing municipalities today… I believe we have huge opportunities here in Eastern Ontario which we distinguish and offer real regional economic opportunities, ”she said.

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Williams highlighted partnerships as his third major, concluding that increased collaboration is essential to continued success. She said more work can be done to build relationships with the municipalities of Cornwall, Akwesasne, Prescott-Russell and SDG.

SDG staff, county councilors and former SDG directors attended the event. Several other dignitaries were also present, including Senator Bernadette Clement, MP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell Francis Drouin, MP for Stormont — Dundas — South Glengarry Eric Duncan, MP for Glengarry — Prescott — Russell Amanda Simard, MP for Stormont — Dundas — South Glengarry Jim McDonell, Cornwall Mayor Glen Grant, Akwesasne Mohawk Council (MCA) Grand Chief Abram Benedict and Prescott-Russell Reeve Daniel Lafleur.

“Carma and Estella are similar in many ways. Both are warm people with a great sense of humor. They are talented, very talented at building relationships. And both have pragmatic approaches to problem solving, ”said Senator Clement. “They are brilliant talkers and both excellent at building a community… Carma truly loves her family, truly loves the place she lives and strives to seek her improvement. “

“I don’t think I’ve ever met such a positive, happy and warm politician as Carma. I firmly believe that is why you are such a great leader, ”said Simard, expressing his desire to continue working alongside Williams.

“As was said earlier, we hope that at some point … we will have more women in municipal politics, or Aboriginal people, because the communities we represent are so diverse and the challenges we face. are very diverse, ”said Chef Benedict. .

Williams’ term officially runs until November 30, 2022.

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