The municipality is considering allowing ride-sharing companies in the area

Photo by: Brandon Piper//Harvard Broadcasting

The municipality is studying the possibility of allowing ride-sharing companies and designated driver services to operate in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.

They’re asking the community for feedback on an updated vehicle-for-hire policy that focuses on rates and fees, trust and safety, carpooling, and more.

Chief Taxi Inspector Sabrina Caterini says she heard from the community that she wanted options in addition to taxis.

Many of the bylaw changes were based on previous engagements the municipality had with residents and stakeholders.

One of the changes includes the addition of fare deregulation that would set a maximum metered fare for taxis at $5.00 for the first 52 meters and $0.15 for every 0.52 meters thereafter, allowing brokers to determine fares agreed with passengers prior to travel.

The other widely requested change would be to allow well-known ride sharing companies by introducing Transport Network Companies (TNCs).

A TNC is a company that allows passengers to use a smartphone app to purchase transportation online, such as Uber.

The proposed regulations will also help protect drivers.

A non-payment fine would be put in place that would penalize passengers $500 for failing to pay their fare.

Rules Services has drafted proposed changes to the Rental Vehicle Rules are available for review until
May 20.

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