Stunning halos of sun amid heavy snowfall wow people in US – See viral photos and videos

Solar halo in Minnesota, United States | Photo credit: Twitter


  • Solar halos were spotted in Minnesota, United States on Wednesday

Stunning photos of halos of light around the sun with scenic snow-capped backgrounds and vivid blue skies in Minnesota, USA have gone viral on social media.

The incredible phenomenon is also known as the solar dog, which occurs when light refracts through ice crystals high up in the atmosphere. They are colored spots of light, located about 22 ° either to the left or to the right or both, of the sun. They also cause a ring of light to appear around the sun. In other words, it is the kaleidoscopic effect.

Solar halos were spotted in the US state of Minnesota on Wednesday afternoon.

Amateur photographer Carol Bauer has taken to the outdoors to record the rare phenomenon of her lens.

The temperature was -5 ° C but the wind chill was -31 ° C, and the solar dogs were visible after a heavy snowstorm the night before.

This is not the first time that solar halos have been spotted in the sky.

In June of last year, an extremely rare rainbow-colored solar halo was observed at noon over the city of Hyderabad.

The spectacular optical phenomenon was also observed by the people of Bengaluru in May 2021.

The “three suns” were seen hanging at the same time in the Chinese city of Mohe in October 2020.

In February 2020, people were greeted by “five suns” in the skies of Inner Mongolia, north China.

Halo is not a rainbow.

When a halo is seen around the Moon, it is called a winter halo or moon ring.

Halos can be seen in any season and at any time of the year, but are not always obvious or bright.

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