PM rejects Chinese envoy’s ‘no threat’ claim | Northern Beaches Review

Scott Morrison has dismissed a claim by the Chinese ambassador that Beijing’s cooperation with Pacific island nations is not a threat to Australia.

Ambassador Xiao Qian told the Australian Financial Review that the two nations have common interests which should outweigh their differences.

The prime minister said China’s “interference” in the Pacific had “great consequences”.

“I don’t want to give any amplification to the views of the Chinese government,” he told reporters while campaigning in Launceston on Thursday.

“I support Australia’s national interests, not the Chinese government’s view of what national interests are, whether in Australia or across the Pacific.”

The ambassador said that while there will inevitably be different positions and views between China and Australia, the two countries “should abide by the principle of mutual respect, treat each other objectively and fairly, respect the each other’s history, culture, philosophy, systems and path of development”. “.

“The rise of China should not be viewed as a threat by Australia,” Ambassador Xiao wrote.

“A great and powerful country that pursues a friendly policy can certainly become a friendly and powerful partner. While growing and growing, China has always been committed to friendly cooperation with countries around the world, including the Australia.”

Cooperation with the South Pacific focused on “regional prosperity and stability”.

“(It) will in no way threaten the security of Australia.”

Australian Associated Press

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