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The beleaguered Mangaung Metro Municipality has successfully approved the budget for the 2022/23 financial year. The vote on the budget was postponed last week due to fears of disruption.

The municipality was recently placed under trusteeship. This resulted in the limitation of the decision-making powers of the board.

The adoption of the budget caused confusion among council members, with several councilors abstaining from voting.

Service delivery and revenue collection

Some ANC councilors have called for a recount, saying some members were unable to vote because they were confused. However, opposition political parties have accused the ANC of delaying the process, citing factional fighting within the ruling party. Some ANC members abstained from voting.

During the budget filing, the Executive Mayor of Mangaung Metro – Mxolisi Siyonzana said that the metro will prioritize service delivery and revenue collection.

“We would be lying to each other if we could even think that you are satisfied with the quality of service delivery at Mangaung. The dissatisfaction raised during the recent Presidential Imbizo, including numerous other complaints filed before my office and advisers, did not fall on deaf ears. With the help of the national administration team, we will ensure that we respect the commitments we have made, in particular by responding accordingly to the complaints that are addressed to us. said Sionzana.

Budget rejected by the opposition

Opposition parties have rejected the budget, saying it is unfunded, unrealistic and just a dream on paper. DA Councilor in Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality, Dulandi Leech, said the budget does not solve service delivery problems.

“What will be implemented, however, is the ANC’s plan to further strangle the economy and extort the citizens of Mangaung and South Africa of their hard-earned money. Citizens of Mangaung will have to pay additional increases in rates, electricity, water, sewage and solid waste which is well above the inflation rate of 5.9% and not what you presented in your budget,” says a disgruntled Leech.

EFF adviser Baba Sebolao shared similar sentiments to Leech and said the budget projection was unrealistic.

“Can I deal with issues that bother the people of Mangaung. Garbage removal, the city is dirty and filthy, but we see the garbage removal budget. Can’t we be played for fools here. We see parks and open spaces turned into dumps by community members only because the municipality does not collect the garbage. We see an unrealistic projection of garbage collection,” says Sebolao.

The FF PLUS indicates that Mangaung residents will only pay for services if they are provided.

“Speaker residents have to pay for the provision of services, we hear that all the time, but only if the services were actually provided. the municipality must earn tariffs and taxes and not just collect them. There has to be value for tax and tariff payments,” says FF PLUS Councilor Mare-Lize Thomson.

AASD Advisor Lucky Mongale said they should also focus on other areas of Mangaung.

“Our problem is that you are never dedicated to the people of Mangaung. This budget is not for the people of Mangaung. It is about people adopting a park while there are children sleeping fasting,” explains Mongale.

Mangaung is now under the control of the national government after protracted instability, financial crises and poor service delivery. The response team is tasked with restoring stability and resolving financial issues.

Video: Mangaung Municipality Approves 2022/23 Budget

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