Mzi Thebolla elected president of Moïse Mabhida

PIETERMARITZBURG – A region with a long history of deep divisions and disunity – finally has a new regional leadership.

Mzi Thebolla, the mayor of Msunduzi municipality in Pietermaritzburg defeated Mzi Zuma – mayor of uMgungundlovu district municipality, for the post of regional president.

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Samora Ndlovu – The mayor of the local municipality of Richmond is the new regional secretary of the second largest ANC region in KwaZulu-Natal.

Moses Mabhida last held a regional conference in 2014. The immediate task of the newly elected leaders is to rebuild the fragile region and revive a struggling ANC that is losing electoral support on all fronts.

Thebolla said: “One of the immediate tests we need to do is unite the organization in our region. The recent results of the local elections have shown us that an organization that is divided can be punished by the electorate. “

“So our immediate task is to regain the lost ground, to regain the confidence of the people of Moses Mabhida and of course, I believe in the long term, it is also to reclaim the municipalities that we lost in the last elections. . But, the organization is also in the process of renewal. We believe that ours is to contribute to the renewal of the ANC by becoming an organization of today. In our history, the ANC is the organization that knows how to adapt to current challenges. ”

With possible threats of legal action by some aggrieved party members to challenge the conference, Thebolla hopes that does not happen.

He said: “We are very positive because if there had been a chance of that, I think anyone who wanted to challenge this conference would have done so before we even started the conference.”

“The fact that we were able to start the conference, up to this point. I don’t think there will be any challenges. Of course, if there are any, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

Newly elected regional secretary – Samora Ndlovu – said that one of the immediate tasks of the new leadership is to repair struggling municipalities within the uMgungundlovu district municipality – under the party’s Moses Mabhida region.

Ndolvu says, “There are communes that you have to agree that the trainees of the task, they are not up to the task. There is a municipality which is under administration which is Mooi River. We have to work hard to make sure the municipality is out of administration. We also need to focus on Msunduzi, all Msunduzi issues, because Msunduzi is the capital of KwaZulu-Natal. We need to focus on delivering Msunduzi services, cleaning up the town, plugging potholes and making sure that other municipalities that operate fairly are supported, they are also stable both politically and administratively.

KwaZulu-Natal ANC chairman Sihle Zikalala urged party members to prioritize the unity of the struggling organization.

He also weighed in on the ongoing developments around former President Jacob Zuma.

He said: “The painful arrest of the former president is the most bitter incident we have experienced in recent years within the organization. This further fueled divisions in society, as many in the community felt that the ANC had deserted former President Zuma. “

“As an ANC, we were surprised by the recent judgment because we believe that medical parole was at least desirable given the age and state of health of the former president.”

Zikalala says the ANC must revive its collapsed branches in order to rebuild the organization and ensure strong representation in the 2024 general election.

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