Municipalities urged to work with police – FBC News

[Source: Parliament of the Republic of Fiji / Facebook]

Creating safe cities will be possible if stakeholders work together.

Local Government Minister Premila Kumar hailed the recent Fijian Police Command Center set up in Labasa in recent weeks as it will allow the institution to focus on other areas of business.

She says they can monitor every suburb and every street from the comfort of the command center.

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Kumar calls on municipalities to continue working with the Fiji Police to ensure businesses continue to thrive in their local communities.

She says it’s not the police’s sole responsibility to make sure cities are safe.

“No, it has everything to do with the city council because we have to create a safe city. It just means that we have to work with the stakeholders.

Kumar says that pooling resources will minimize risk and ensure that both parties save their resources.

“So if they put a dollar on the table, we have to put another dollar and collectively we will be able to provide enough cameras in cities and towns to make the city or town much safer for our residents. “

Kumar adds that working together will ensure economic growth at the municipal level has minimal disruption.

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