MCO expansion will further affect the economy and people’s livelihoods, says Sarawak community leader | Malaysia


Vincent Lau (left) chatting with Senator Robert Lau (second from right) at SJK Kwong Hua PPV. – Borneo Post online pic

SIBU, June 26 – Temenggong Datuk Vincent Lau Lee Ming hopes the government will not extend the Movement Control Order (MCO) once it is completed on June 28.

The Chinese community leader told reporters today that the longer the MCO lasts, the more damage it will inflict on the already declining economy as well as on people’s livelihoods.

“Even though we had been on MCO for some time and yet the result shows that the situation is still not improving.

“Maybe the government is taking this issue incorrectly. During the MCO, only essential services are allowed to open and if this continues it will cause a lot of damage to the economy, people will lose their jobs and livelihoods.

“Since the vaccination is underway, the government should allow more businesses to open and to ensure that the cases can continue to decline, all cafes, restaurants, all commercial industries must strictly adhere to operational procedures standard (SOP), “he said. said after visiting the SJK Kwong Hua Covid-19 vaccination center here.

Lau suggested that if the Covid-19 situation still does not improve, the government could consider implementing the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) or the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO). .

The idea was to allow businesses to open gradually instead of continuing to wait until 70% of the population is vaccinated to open all businesses, he explained.

“Vaccination and the gradual opening of more businesses should take place simultaneously. Do not wait until 70% of the population is vaccinated to authorize the opening of businesses.

“If you wait, it will take three or four months. If Sarawak can achieve collective immunity by August, that is of course great, but I think there are still challenges, ”he said.

Lau also believed that if people strictly followed MCO’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), the number of new cases of Covid-19 could decrease.

He also suggested to the government that those who have been fully immunized or who have completed their two doses be allowed to travel between districts or between divisions, or even between states.

He said continuing to ban travel will also significantly affect the economy.

“It would also encourage more people to sign up for the vaccination. From what I understand, there are still a lot of people who still have to register for the vaccination, ”he said.

Lau nonetheless praised the government for its efforts to vaccinate people across Sarawak and hoped more people would register for the vaccination.

“This is the only way to suppress the pandemic and people must continue to follow the SOP,” he said. – Borneo Post Online

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