Maintaining hygiene a shared responsibility: municipal minister

Doha: Qatar will mark World Cleanup Day today to highlight public hygiene as a fundamental pillar of sustainable development.

In his message on the occasion, the Minister of Municipality, HE Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie, said that the Ministry of Municipality is striving to provide hygiene services in all parts of the country in accordance to the highest international standards and specifications.

The Minister said that public cleanliness is not limited to the efforts and duties of a specific authority in the country, but rather it is a daily behavior that everyone must comply with, because it is the everyone’s responsibility, and maintaining it has a religious duty and a shared duty. responsibility between all institutions and all members of society.

HE Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie, Minister of Municipality

Within the framework of the ministry’s interest in the issue of public cleanliness and waste recycling, the necessary measures have been taken to promulgate, activate and implement various laws and legislations that contribute to the achievement of the ministry’s objectives in this field, in particular with regard to the collection of waste and its appropriate and safe disposal in accordance with the highest international standards.

Two ministerial decisions have recently been published. One of them, requiring all institutions and communities concerned to sort waste at source, will be effective next month.

The second decision concerned the establishment of rules for the use of plastic bags and a ban on the use of single-use plastic bags due to their negative impact on the environment, as part of Qatar’s efforts to preserve the environment and its safety and achieve sustainable development.

In this context, the Minister referred to the national integrated waste sorting program at source, which was launched as part of the achievement of the objectives of the Ministry’s sustainable strategic plan.

The Minister of Municipalities said that Qatar is making continuous efforts in the field of recycling, processing waste and converting it into energy, through an integrated national waste management program, and establishes a dedicated place for waste factories. recycling in the Al Afja region. The plan foresees 50 factories undertaking various recycling operations.

The ministry also launched the zero waste campaign earlier this year, with the aim of developing a waste management system, encouraging investment in the field of recycling and supporting community participation in this field, in order to improve the quality of life and sustainable development. development, realizing the Qatar National Vision 2030.

The minister commended the efforts made by the authorities concerned with hygiene within the ministry over the past few years. He said these efforts have helped maintain cleanliness and reduce negative impacts on public health and safety.

The director of the general cleanliness department at the ministry, Moqbel Mazhour Al Shammari, said that World Cleanup Day is one of the most important events globally.

He said the day highlights the importance of cooperation and concerted efforts by all to maintain public hygiene and environmental health, whether globally or nationally.

Al Shammari said that World Cleanup Day is celebrated around the world on the third Saturday of September every year, with the aim of reinforcing the value and importance of cleanliness and raising awareness among all members and institutions of society. , in order to reduce waste and sources of pollution. .

The Department of General Cleanliness, he said, is implementing many plans, programs and campaigns to improve the level of cleanliness in Qatar, including the waste sorting program at source.

Al Shammari said the program aims to provide high quality sanitation services and increase the use of recyclable materials to conserve natural resources and achieve the sustainable development plans under the Qatar National Vision 2030.

World Cleanup Day is an important opportunity to highlight the efforts made on a daily basis by the General Cleanup Service by collecting household waste and cleaning streets, roads, squares, parks, beaches and all public places, for the keep clean, healthy and safe.

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