Karnataka: Chikkamagaluru Municipality to Control Illegal Use of Loudspeakers in Public | Hubballi News

SHIVAMOGGA: Amid controversy over banning Muslim vendors from doing business at Hindu fairs, Chikkamagaluru Municipality decided to check illegal PA systems and loudspeakers used in religious centers.
“We have received many complaints from elderly people and people with health problems that the sound from loudspeakers is causing noise pollution in the neighborhood. We decided to check all religious places to see if they have taken permission to use loudspeakers. Lately, some religious institutes are sprouting up in the city and have begun to use loudspeakers without permission from the relevant police department. As directed by the courts, anyone using a loudspeaker will need to obtain permission from the relevant authority,” he said.
The decision of the ruling BJP in the municipality raised several questions. Congressmen on the council questioned the BJP’s arbitrary decision and claimed that there were no such complaints from residents.
Speaking to STOI, city council chairman Varasiddi Venugopal CS said he had no objection to anyone using loudspeakers getting permission from the police department. “The council resolution will be implemented in accordance with High Court orders. It applies to all religious institutes – temples, churches and mosques. Council staff will advise them,” he said.

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