Huatai International Unveils Cash Wealth Management Service

Cash Pro offers an automated, relatively low-risk and liquid option for investors, giving them the opportunity to earn dividends by investing their money in a fund before timing entry into other asset markets, according to a statement from Huatai International Financial Holdings Company (Huatai International).

The fund available to users is jointly launched by Huatai International and China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited. It primarily focuses on low-risk assets such as money market investments denominated in US dollars or Hong Kong dollars. The fund has been authorized and is regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

Investors can activate the Cash Pro service from the “Wealth” interface in the homepage menu of the Zhangle Global app.

Once the service is activated, all inactive funds in their Zhangle Global accounts will be automatically transferred to Cash Pro every trading day to earn dividends. Money placed in Cash Pro can be exchanged at any time for other investments.

There is no minimum investment amount and currently there are no fees or commissions for subscription, redemption, transaction, conversion and other services.

“The launch of the Cash Pro service is an important step for Zhangle Global to become the preferred one-stop wealth management platform for the global Chinese community,” said Zhu Yali, general manager of Huatai Financial and head of Zhangle Global, in a statement. a statement.

“Going forward, we will continue to invest in Fintech as we provide more innovative wealth management services to our clients,” he added.

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