Heard but not seen – 30 years of secrets to succeeding with China

Heard but not seen – 30 years of secrets to succeeding with China

For 30 years, Chin Communications has been behind the scenes of some of China’s biggest contracts. Their story traces Australia’s relationship with China and indicates continued success in Chinese markets, despite the current political estrangement. Their top secret: successful linguistic communication.

Writing the Book of Successful Relationships

The City of Melbourne, a Chin client for over 25 years, wrote the book on building relationships with China. For 42 years, their Sister City relationship with Tianjin has provided opportunities for organizations in Melbourne and Victoria, from design to health and biotechnology, agriculture and even sport, building community bonds and, with the Chin’s help, paying attention to their language.

Lord Mayor Sally Capp said: “The City of Melbourne warmly congratulates Chin Communications on reaching this important milestone.”

Chin Communications has been a key player in Melbourne’s multicultural sector, even winning the Melbourne Award – Corporations Award for Multiculturalism. This highlighted the great work done by the Chin team in the Chinese space, as well as with other languages ​​and communities.

We thank Chin Communications for their important role in facilitating Melbourne’s bilingual communications with our vibrant Chinese community.

Chinese whisperers

In the year marking another significant relationship – 50 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and China – China’s ‘whisperers’, Chin Communications, are celebrating 30 years of supporting governments, prime ministers, businesses, organizations and events, developing relationships and business with China.

Meanwhile, Australia’s trade with China has grown from around $90 million to $245 billion and ranks first. China has been the engine of growth for the Australian economy and we have avoided many crises along the way, such as the GFC. Chinese students and tourists, for example, have contributed to the development of these sectors.

In recent years political relations have deteriorated, but underscoring the continued interest in the Chinese market and the large Chinese population in Australia, Chin Communications’ range of clients and services continues to grow, most recently providing management of the marketing and social media to Australian entities. such as the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the dairy sector. Chief interpreter and physician Charles Qin also recently revealed his performing for Olivia Newton-John! Who would have thought!

As Australia returns to normalcy, Chin stresses that it is time to ignore politics and reinvigorate relationships and marketing to re-engage with China and ensure Australia’s continued success.

Charles Qin, privy to many high-level interactions, said, “Whether at a heads of state meeting or in courtroom battles, getting the right language support has been a constant and guarantees good decisions and good results.”

Chin Communications, based in Melbourne’s CBD, provides translation, interpreting, branding, social media and marketing services targeting Chinese and multicultural audiences to a global clientele.

With an in-house team of translators, interpreters, marketers and graphic designers, Chin manages its work in-house and has a stellar client list, some of which, like the City of Melbourne, have been supported by Chin for nearly 30 years old.






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