Eindhoven struggles to make rental properties more sustainable

Houses being renovated to reduce energy costs. Photo credit: Studio040/Alain Heeren

Eindhoven is struggling to make thousands of social housing units more sustainable. This is the opinion of Alderman Rik Thijs. In collaboration with companies, the municipality is trying to modernize 15,000 homes in the poorest neighborhoods, but this is proving difficult.

Growing energy problems

Only small steps are taken, even if the municipality wants to speed up the process. Thijs: “With rising prices, energy poverty is a growing problem. We must therefore ensure that the energy bill goes down.


According to Thijs, the municipality is having all sorts of problems. “The power grid, for example, cannot cope. We want to use heat pumps on a large scale to immediately help many vulnerable residents, but it is proving difficult.

No more problems with biodiversity

Thijs continues: “In addition, we have started to work on the insulation of the houses. But here, too, we encounter problems. There is a shortage of people to do the actual work, for example. We also have biodiversity issues, like birds and bats, if we start isolating on a large scale. Animals can die if, for example, insulating material is inserted into a hollow wall.

Energy boxes

The municipality now distributes energy boxes to help people a little. These boxes contain items with which residents can take action at home to save energy.

The budget is not the problem, according to Thijs. “As a municipality, we received a sum of money from the state to start.”

Source: Studio040.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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