Developing the municipality of Nalgonda on modern lines: KCR to officials

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao called for developing the historic municipality of Nalgonda on modern lines. The CM tasked Minister Jagadeeshwar Reddy, local MP Kancherla Bhoopal Reddy, the collector and other senior officials to prepare an action plan for the development of Nalgonda on all fronts.

He said the necessary funds would be made available for infrastructure development and beautification. The CM also requested that a Padayatra be undertaken to examine in detail the development needs of the city of Nalgonda.

KCR, who reached Nalgonda on Wednesday, participated in the 10th day ceremony of Gadari Mariah, father of Tungaturthy MP Gadari Kishore Kumar. The CM went to the home of MP Kishore.

CM examines the development of the Municipality of Nalgonda:

The CM held a high-level review meeting at the District Collectorate on Wednesday with ministers, MPs, MPs, MLCs and senior officials.

The CM instructed Ministers KT Rama Rao and Vemula Prashanth Reddy to undertake a visit to the city of Nalgonda to undertake development work.

The CM said a city commissioner capable of working with commitment and dedication should be assigned immediately. He commissioned the municipal commissioner of Siddipet, Ramanachary, to develop Nalgonda.

The CM inquired of the relevant officials about the situation of the sewers and underground drainage canals, the stadium, integrated vegetable and vegetable markets, Rythu bazaars, hospitals, roads, etc. The CM also inquired about public lighting. He tasked those responsible for electricity to build the substations required for Nalgonda.

He also requested that construction be undertaken for the integrated markets, Rythu Bazaars at the appropriate places. As Udaya Samudram is teeming with water, the embellishment of its reservoir dike should be undertaken. The urban park should be made available for the convenience of the citizens of Nalgonda.

He also wanted the construction of a modern city hall with a capacity of 2000 places to organize meetings, conferences and other programs. For this, the CM asked the collector and the local deputy to identify a suitable land at the location in the center.

“As the population of Nalgonda is increasing, footpaths should be made for pedestrians. He wanted the underground drainage works to be undertaken. Like Uppal Bhagayath, the pooling of land should be done to build the settlements,” he said. he declared.

The officials informed the CM that Nalgonda had a very serious drinking water problem and that with the Bhagiratha mission it was resolved. The CM also inquired about the state of play of the double rooming houses. The CM also inquired about the Vaikuntha Dammam. He said cemeteries for Muslims and Christians and cremation sites for Hindus should be built.

Housing sites for residents of the project settlement

The CM said that steps should be taken to issue Pattas to people who have participated in the work of the project and settled at the site. He said that people residing near the project sites in Nizamabad, Khammam and other districts should receive Pattas.

The CM instructed CS Somesh Kumar to give the necessary instructions in this regard. The CM clarified that residents under Nagarjuna Sagar would receive the Pattas as promised. “Once we give insurance, we have to pay,” he said.

He said that since the electoral code is not currently in vogue, all eligible residents of Sagar settlements should receive Pattas.

“Decades ago for construction projects, poor working people from Sc, ST, BC and minority communities participated, they reside here. Nagarjunasagar became a municipality. They built houses on a small piece of land. It is of the responsibility of the government to provide them Pattas ”, declared the CM.

Land for a town hall

After the review, the CM personally visited the Irrigation and R&B office in the center of the clock tower to identify the town hall construction site.

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