Black Lives Matter mural restored in Halifax

The words Black Lives Matter are once again loud and clear in downtown Halifax.

The street mural, which was originally painted on Brunswick Street on September 26, 2020 between Carmichael and Prince streets, was repainted on Sunday.

The municipality hired contractors to repaint the words after they had again faded significantly from traffic wear and tear.

Black Lives Matter is also painted on Alderney Drive between Ochterloney and Queen streets and has already been painted over.

In 2020, these murals were criticized by some members of the community.

Aaliyah Paris, an African Nova Scotian community activist, said at the time that she had already been planning a mural with others for months and that the municipality had undertaken the project without their input, although they had proposed the idea to city councilors in the first place.

Both murals were also repainted in August 2021.

City staff said in a report that the murals are meant to be temporary, but maintained “until HRM’s work with the AntiBlack Racism Task Force identifies other means of permanently and appropriately recognizing the Black Lives Matter movement.

On the municipality’s website, it is stated that the art installation is the municipality’s way of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

“This public solidarity is in addition to several measures taken by the municipality at the corporate level, to help combat anti-black racism and continue to build better relations with the communities of African descent in the municipality.

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