BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek and Nedap optimize the access control system of the municipality of Venlo, the Netherlands

Recently, the Dutch municipality of Venlo decided to modernize its current access control system to the city. To guarantee the safety and habitability of the city centre, Venlo chose a few years ago to regulate traffic flows. The optimization of the city’s access control solution was carried out by business partners Nedap Identification Systems and BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek.

Venlo, a town with historic character and atmospheric streets

Venlo is a city in the north of the Dutch province of Limburg. With more than 100,000 inhabitants, Venlo is, after Maastricht, the largest municipality in Limburg. The city center has a historic character, atmospheric markets, squares and narrow streets. The town has a very friendly atmosphere and a wide choice of shops.

Create a car-free city center by regulating traffic flows

Besides its locals, Venlo is a popular place for visitors with its lively downtown. In order to guarantee attractiveness and safety, the municipality of Venlo decided a few years ago to restrict vehicle access to certain areas of its historic city center. However, these areas should always be accessible to authorized vehicles, such as emergency services, vendors, municipal services, residents and permit holders.

Prohibit vehicles and regulate traffic flow has a positive effect on the safety and attractiveness of the city. By keeping unnecessary traffic out of the city center, Venlo creates a pedestrian-friendly city center.

A simple, fast and stable access control system

At the time, the different areas were equipped with automatic bollards controlled by a access control system. In order to simplify processes and activities, the need arose to optimize this access control system. That’s why Venlo looked for an access control system that met its new demands for ease of use, speed of use and stable operation.

An urban access control solution by partners Nedap and BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek

BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek and Nedap identification systems have joined forces to simplify the regulation of traffic flows in the heart of Venlo and make it more efficient. While Nedap implemented its MOOV software for access control, BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek facilitated the task as system integrator. They install and configure the software and hardware according to the wishes of the end user.

Nedap’s MOOV software is fully compatible with current hardware

The different areas of Venlo were already equipped with Nedap readers and cameras to identify vehicles. the MOOV software offers an excellent solution as the current hardware is fully compatible with the updated software.

The many years of successful collaboration between NEDAP and BAM Infra have resulted in a market-appropriate urban access solution. Together with Nedap, we offer cities a total solution for worry-free urban access. The solution includes a very user-friendly management tool, which allows the city to manage access in a simple and flexible way, now and in the future..” Gerrit van Ballegooijen, Project Manager Mobile Physical Barriers, BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek

Vehicle identification to allow access to authorized drivers

The different groups of users to whom access is authorized are identified in several ways. by Nedap ANPR cameras are used for license plate recognition, to identify user groups with temporary or ancillary access rights such as suppliers and municipal services. The necessary data, such as license plates, is registered in a municipal system and is linked to the Dutch organization “National Parking Register » (NPR). As soon as the vehicle has been identified by the ANPR camera, the MOOV software checks within milliseconds with the NPR whether it is an authorized vehicle.

Nedap’s TRANSIT 112 solution is used for emergency services. Based on RFID technology, these vehicles benefit from fast and secure access for reliable passage. This is crucial in (critical) situations where every second counts.

Modernized city access control is necessary for a safe and livable city

In total, 15 entrances to the city have been equipped for several years with FAAC J275 HA terminals, ANPR Lumo cameras from Nedap and TRANSIT Ultimate readers. With this total solution from business partners BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek and Nedap Identification Systems, Venlo has a modernized urban access control solution that guarantees safety and quality of life in the city.

‍”For over 30 years, I have enjoyed creating a safe and livable city for our residents and visitors. That sums up my daily motivation in one sentence. City access policies aim to regulate and reduce vehicles in the city center. This is increasingly digitized, in order to facilitate even better and faster access to residents and entrepreneurs. Linking MOOV to the National Parking Registry gives us the ability to grant access to people with an exemption for city access based on license plate numbers. Additionally, MOOV provides us with the ability to remotely manage city lock facilities to allow users to remotely access the city. In addition, in case of events such as Venloop, Vasteloavend, Galas and Feesten, we can easily manage closures centrally. Access to the city is a necessity for visitors and residents alike. By regulating and controlling this easily and efficiently using the MOOV software, we ensure an attractive car-free city.”Paul van Hoorn, Senior Parking Employee, Municipality of Venlo‍

About Nedap identification systems

Nedap is the specialist for long-range identification systems, wireless vehicle detection and city access control. Identify people and their vehicles without delaying them. This is how we strengthen safety, parking and traffic management systems around the world. Millions of professionals trust Nedap technology to support them. To access buildings. Drive within secure perimeters. or to find a parking space. Combining state-of-the-art technology with decades of experience. This is how we secure the flow of vehicles and people.

High-tech company Nedap NV creates innovative, high-quality hardware and software products that enable people to be more productive and successful in their working lives. Nedap NV has over 700 employees and operates globally. The company was founded in 1929 and has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1947. Its head office is located in Groenlo, the Netherlands.

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