AML, Petro Marine and Temsco to enter negotiations after tender process

By Melinda Munson

After just minutes and three unanimous votes at the August 18 assembly meeting, current tenants Alaska Marine Lines (AML), Petro Marine Services and Temsco Helicopters Inc. can now begin negotiations to stay when the municipality takes over the inspection of its port in March 2023. .

“Given that the 55-year main waterfront lease expires and Skagway has not been a market player for decades, it seems entirely reasonable for Skagway to collect and assess market information and proposals from market players through an RFP process as it moves forward. said David Brena, district attorney.

The request for proposals process, first approved by the assembly in April, was fraught with tension as rumors swirled in the community of mass layoffs and the closure of the Klondike Highway. Among other issues, Petro Marine strongly disagreed with the municipality that the tank farm was an improvement that would revert to the city at the end of the lease.

There were no other bids for Freight Waterfront Lease (AML), Fuel Waterfront Lease (Petro Marine) and General Waterfront Lease (Temsco).

“I’m really glad it’s over,” Assembly Member Reba Hylton said. “There was a lot of scaremongering going on…There was a lot of speculation and unknowns…that got a bit out of hand. I’m really glad we’re moving forward. »

Tom Cochran, a Petro Marine employee, also wanted the bidding process to be smoother.

“I think it could have been handled differently,” he said. “I think the code could have been changed if necessary to make this transition less onerous, as you have a new relationship with a new tenant. So now the municipality is an owner. So you’re going to be going into these new contracts on a pretty acrimonious and toxic basis, which is unfortunate, and hopefully maybe you can make the best of this and that we can have a positive outcome at the coming.

Then, the three companies must negotiate new leases with the borough. Several residents suggested that the fence around TEMSCO allow access to the waterfront.

“It would be nice to see a discussion there about access to these tidal lands around the Temsco area,” said Assemblyman Sam Bass. “Just to see if it’s possible. I know there are flight lines and security restrictions. But if we could somehow find a way to give the public access to this area, I think that would be important.

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