A study shows Las Vegas would be hit by MLB

If the Oakland Athletics Market Feasibility Study is any indicator, Las Vegas would be a big hit in the Major League Baseball scene.

The group A’s tablé CSL International, recently acquired by Legends Hospitality, to carry out its market research. The group interviewed 17,151 people, including residents of southern Nevada, tourists, season ticket holders of A and fans of other teams in the Western Division of the MLB American League and determined that ‘there was significant interest in the Las Vegas market.

“It shows that people are paying attention to this story (and) are really interested in the fact that the A’s are in southern Nevada, which is very positive for us,” said A chairman Dave Kaval, in the Review-Journal. “The results regarding match participation and prizes and the desire to support the team, both for locals and tourists, exceeded our expectations. This once again demonstrates the strength of Las Vegas as a sports market. “

The investigation noted that the A’s were potentially looking to build a stadium located in the hallway of the complex, but included questions to gauge the impact of fan interest if it were built off the Strip. These results, according to Ben Wrigley, COO of CSL, showed that it had little or no impact on the level of interest of those surveyed.

Kaval said this was great news because it means the A’s aren’t just looking at just one area for a baseball stadium.

“I think it’s a good sign. It just shows that there are a lot of options in terms of location and that there could be a winning location in a variety of places, ”Kaval said. “That’s what we’re focusing on now… getting a finalist and having a deal in place ASAP. “

Kaval did not confirm reports that the A’s made an offer on the Tropicana Hotel site, but said the organization was looking to strike a deal with several in-game sites.

“We are still in active negotiations with a handful of sites and we are making very good progress,” Kaval said. “We hope to have a site identified, purchased and associated as soon as possible because this obviously shows our interest in the market and it allows us to continue to move the process forward efficiently.”

Wherever a possible stadium could be found in Las Vegas, survey respondents strongly preferred to have a retractable roof to cope with the scorching summer weather.

Locals vs tourists

Local residents have posted overwhelmingly positive responses to the possibility of the As’s moving to Las Vegas. Responses indicate that locals are very interested in purchasing season tickets, with local businesses and residents intrigued by a variety of premium seating offerings.

Wrigley, who also played a role in the Raiders’ market feasibility study, noted that 87% of locals surveyed said they were interested in purchasing some form of season tickets, which they are full, half-season or quarter-season packages. Of those who have not shown interest in season tickets, 85% said they would consider purchasing tickets for a game, Wrigley noted.

Non-resident respondents said they would strongly consider going to an A game while traveling to Las Vegas.

Fans in the markets of A’s AL West opponents revealed a high level of interest in MLB ending up in Las Vegas, with 78% of those polled showing some level of interest in the possibility.

Half of those polled said they already visit Las Vegas at least once a year. On top of that, those fans have said they will add other trips to southern Nevada to watch ball games.

“You had those who showed interest saying they would attend almost three games a season (in Las Vegas),” Wrigley said. “The question we were really asking ourselves was, are you going to come, are you going to come for a series or are you going to come multiple times? The preference among this group of individuals was to attend these games, but to do these games throughout the season, rather than just coming and staying three games on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The corporate sector was also excited about A’s possible move to southern Nevada, showing an overwhelmingly positive response to the possibility.

“They (the companies) basically looked at it and said it would be good for Las Vegas. It just continues to increase or improve the high profile the city already has, ”Wrigley said. “It’s a nice addition in the sense that the sport is now something that compliments the Knights and Raiders, because it’s mostly played during the summer.”

Parallel path

The A’s continue to work with Oakland City and Alameda County officials on a possible $ 12 billion mixed-use project that would center around a $ 1 billion waterside stadium. dollars.

The final environmental impact report for a Howard Terminal site in the Port of Oakland is expected to be released on Friday.

“This is an important step in the process on our other parallel path,” Kaval said. “We still have to get a final, binding vote (from city officials), which we don’t really know yet. It is something that still exists and is a question mark. But this process also takes place.

Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber last week said Las Vegas was the favorite to clinch the league’s 30th club, potentially giving southern Nevada another professional sports team. Kaval said it wouldn’t affect the A’s exploration of the Las Vegas Valley.

“We’re really focused on our process,” Kaval said. “If other sports are coming to southern Nevada, I think that’s positive. It creates more sports fans and more excitement.

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