A huge fire burns in the municipality of Mijas in Malaga

A large scrubland fire has broken out on a mountain in the municipality of Mijas in Malaga.

As reported by Plan Infoca, a huge scrubland fire broke out on the mountainside in the municipality of Mijas, in the province of Malaga. The fire started in the late evening of Monday June 27 and has now spread rapidly, with the flames being fanned by high winds.

Infoca tweeted at 0:27 that its officers had been deployed to deal with this latest incident. They had mobilized teams of firefighters in the sector of the Paraje Atalaya on the mountainside, comprising 32 firefighters, two fire apparatus and two AAMM.

At 12:56 a.m., Infoca tweeted that reinforcements had been sent to the scene, with the firefighting team now totaling 45 people. The deputy director of COP Malaga had also been dispatched to the scene, as well as a water tanker and two TOPs.

The The 112 Emergencies Andalucia service tweeted at 1:45 a.m. that the A-7053 had been closed to traffic between Km6 and 8 in the Mijas area Entrerrios due to the spread of fire. Members of the public have been urged to follow the instructions of officers working in the area and exercise extreme caution.

Here is a short video of the fire courtesy of marbellasequeja2021 on Instagram:


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