30-year-old man electrocuted in the Almeria municipality of Nijar

A 30-year-old man was electrocuted in the Los Grillos de Nijar neighborhood in Almeria.

According to Emergencies 112 Andalusia, a 30-year-old man died last night, Friday June 17, after being electrocuted in the Almeria municipality of Nijar.

The incident happened around 11 p.m., at a farm located on Mariposa Street, in the Los Grillos neighborhood of the municipality. A witness placed the emergency call to alert 112, informing them that the man had not answered after handling electrical cables.

112 immediately mobilized an ambulance from the 061 health emergency center to the scene. They were accompanied by Guarda Civil patrols. Force sources said that upon arriving at the scene, the man was found on a public road.

His death has been confirmed, although the Guardia Civil have apparently ruled out it was a work accident. An investigation has been opened into the circumstances surrounding the man’s death and the appropriate legal protocols have been initiated.


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